Deals Done

Here are examples of the broad range of deals I’ve closed.

Bridge/Short-Term Financing

$150,000 & $500,000
Short-Term Loan with SBA 7A loan takeout

An installer of high-end home alarm systems needed money quickly to purchase equipment and inventory for a project bid he unexpectedly won and needed to act on right away.  I closed the short-term financing in a few weeks and then refinanced that a few months later with a much higher amount at a lower interest rate.  This set him up to go after larger contracts.

Real Estate Acquisition

SBA 504 loan

This deal was underwritten during Christmas and New Year’s to meet a tight deadline that saved the company $3 million on the purchase price.  Despite recent company losses as a result of an expensive company move (a one-time event), I successfully convinced the lender that the company could afford the loan.

Refinancing, Equipment Acquisition, and Working Capital

$2 million
SBA 7A loan

This loan provided significant additional financing well beyond what the borrower’s legacy bank could provide allowing the company to purchase new equipment, support a new product launch, and drive its ongoing growth in retail and distribution.

Business Acquisition

SBA 7A loan

Lots of challenges were overcome here. This deal was short on collateral and the borrower initially had poor credit that I repaired, but it got done because of the management strength of the buyer, the historical profitability of the acquired business, and last-minute negotiations and help from the seller.

Accounts Receivable & Inventory

$2 million
Revolving Line of Credit

This facility perfectly complemented a large equity raise used for capital expenses. The advances on A/R and inventory were just right to finance trade and other operating expenses.

David Sanchez Deal


Best Used Gym Equipment


Justin Forsett


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